Gas Regulators & Pigtails (106)

Cavanga 2 Cylinder Manual Changeover LPG Propane Gas Regulator Kit POL

R 1,062.00
R 885.00 Exc. VAT

Butane Gas Regulator 2 Meter Hose And Clips Fits cylinders with 21mm valve Blue

R 242.00
R 201.67 Exc. VAT

Single OPSO Propane Regulator Kit With POL Pigtail

R 1,352.00
R 1,126.67 Exc. VAT

Pack of 4 Jubilee Clips, Jubilee hose clip, gas hose, worm drive 8 mm

R 68.00
R 56.67 Exc. VAT

Cavanga Single Cylinder Propane Gas Regulator Kit POL

R 579.00
R 482.50 Exc. VAT

Automatic OPSO Twin Regulator Kit With POL Pigtails

R 2,051.00
R 1,709.17 Exc. VAT

Cavagna Propane Regulator With Gauge 0.5 - 2 bar Adjustable POL

R 459.00
R 382.50 Exc. VAT

Cavagna High Pressure Propane Regulator 0.5 - 4 bar Adjustable POL x 6.3 mm

R 362.00
R 301.67 Exc. VAT