Beko, Leisure, Flavel and Blomberg Gas Cookers, Gas Hobs and Range Cookers

Beko, Leisure, Flavel and Blomberg Gas Cookers, Gas Hobs and Range Cookers

Ok, so first a bit of history, Beko, Leisure, Flavel and Blomberg gas cookers and range cookers are now nothing to do at all with Rangemaster, owned by the AGA Group, approximately 20 years ago Rangemaster were then called Leisure, they renamed themselves Rangemaster and after 5 years sold the name badge of ‘Leisure’ to Beko PLC who now manufacture the Leisure brand of appliances.

All Gas Cookers

As these brands are made on a mass production scale, you will find that most of their all gas cookers use the same 4 injectors for the top burners and 3 options of injectors for their gas grill and ovens, i.e 1 x 50 2 x 72 1 x 87 for the burners and 71, 75, 78 for the grill or ovens, the burner injectors are standard but their oven or grill injectors are not, they all have an indenture into the top of the nozzle, see below and example of their injector table taken from one of their cooker manuals


The same applies on their natural gas injectors, it is 99% of the time for the burners 1 x 72 2 x 103 1 x 115 and for the oven and grill either 105, 110 or 110

Thankfully this manufacturer exists and offers LPG conversion for all their new cookers, as it is getting more common now for manufacturers like Zanussi, AEG, Belling and Stoves as an example, who are now manufacturing their gas appliances with no option for LPG conversion, as they see the LPG market as very small.

Most of their all gas cooker kits come with a bypass screw and washer, they do not mention it in any of their manuals but see below the information they provide for this item


All Gas Range Cookers

Leisure manufacture 2 all gas cookers available with LPG conversion, the CK90G232 (90cm wide model) and the CK100G232 (100cm wide model)

They use the same injectors for the grill and ovens that are used in their all gas cookers, the burner injectors are now in a different formation than the 50-60cm wide cookers, the burner injector sizes are as below

Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Again, due to mass manufacturing, these brands use the same injectors as their all gas range cookers, so the burner injectors are all 0.50 for the small 1kw burner, 0.69 for the medium 2kw burner, 0.85 for the large 3kw burner and 1.01 for the wok burner


Gas Hobs

These manufacturers use standard injectors ie M6 x 0.75 with a 7mm head, again check the injector table in the manual see below a few examples


Older Cookers

OK, so you have bought a second hand cooker which is made by one of the above-mentioned brands, just be careful with the kit you purchase as their newer cookers use standard nozzles which are M6 x 0.75 thread and a 7mm flat head, but some of their older cookers require a larger nozzle, which is M7 x 1.0 thread and a 9mm head, so always check this first


Old Leisure Rangemaster Cookers

Most of these old cookers which are built to last unfortunately use older imperial thread injectors which are no longer made, so if you have an old Leisure range and the serial number starts with a 5 you are in bad luck if wanting replacement injectors


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