What is an LPG Conversion?

There is a significant difference in pressure and burning characteristics between natural mains gas and bottled LPG, and it is ESSENTIAL that your cooker is configured correctly, or there may be dangerous consequences. LPG Jets have a narrower orifice (hole at the top of the jet which allows the gas to flow through) so for example a 0.50-0.53mm LPG jet equates to 0.72-0.77mm in a Natural Gas jet (depending on cooker manufacturer)



Sometimes referred to as a propane, butane gas cooker or Calor gas cooker, the names for LPG, or Liquid Petroleum Gas vary in different parts of the world, the most common terms are LPG, GPL, GLP, U-LPG but they all require a proper installation in your kitchen, with copper pipes leading to a brass bayonet connector for the flexible hose leading to your gas cooker. The gas itself is generally supplied from a large tank or bottle outside the property, and there are regulations which govern the positioning of these which your installer will be aware of. Finding a qualified LPG installer is simple - just use the Gas Safe Register website to identify a list of local engineers if in the UK


Or in Ireland


If you have everything set up, all you need is a lovely LPG gas range cooker to get cooking, and there are really two options - converting a dual fuel cooker to LPG, or buying a dedicated all gas cooker.

Converting Dual Fuel Cookers

Dual fuel cookers feature gas hobs and electric ovens, and are by far the easiest option when it comes to converting a cooker to LPG or Calor gas. Almost ANY dual fuel cooker will be convertible to LPG, as it is simply a matter of changing the brass jets which provide the flame and sometimes altering a pressure setting on the cooker. Instructions are given in your cooker's user manual, but needless to say this would ideally be done by a qualified engineer on installation. This is where we come in, we will supply the LPG Conversion kits for most dual fuel cookers which use the industry standard M6 thread and a 7mm flat head.


Converting an all gas Natural Gas Cooker to LPG

The rule of thumb here is that you CANNOT convert a dedicated mains gas range cooker to LPG. The ovens are designed in such a way that this is not possible, so if you want an all LPG range cooker you will need to buy one which can be converted to LPG.  Some smaller 60cm and 50cm cookers are available which can be converted such as Beko, Leisure, Flavel, Cannon, Blomberg, Hotpoint, Indesit) https://www.beko.co.uk/appliances/cooking/freestanding/gas-cookers





but it is pretty rare. 99% of all Zanussi, Belling, Stoves, Newworld gas cookers CANNOT be converted to LPG, be very wary if someone is selling a gas cooker and claims it can be converted,  always check with ourselves first.

Leisure and Rangemaster are the very few manufacturers which make an all gas range style cooker which is convertible to propane, models are on the links below




If you have any questions regarding any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us at lpgjets@gmail.com