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Beko or Leisure Cooker Oven Hob Gas Lpg 0.50 jet Injector nozzle 431920052
Beko or Leisure Cooker Oven Hob Gas Lpg 0.50 jet Injector nozzle 431920052
Beko or Leisure Cooker Oven Hob Gas Lpg 0.50 jet Injector nozzle 431920052
Beko or Leisure Cooker Oven Hob Gas Lpg 0.50 jet Injector nozzle 431920052
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Beko or Leisure Cooker Oven Hob Gas Lpg 0.50 jet Injector nozzle 431920052

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If you have a Beko  gas appliance  , this jet will convert your cooker from natural gas to LPG, it has the exact size of injector required for the conversion, leaving your cooker converted and the correct amount of gas going to each burner, giving the burners that true blue flame you require for cooking all of your favourite dinners and dishes. 


Cooker Oven Hob Gas Lpg 0.50 jet Injector M6 x 0.75

Fits the makes and models listed below.
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9050, BA52LEW, BANDAI3FS, BBG51111S, BC51LEWP, BCE5622S, BD532AW, BDG582LW, BGM15320DX, CD61120, CD61120S, CD62113, CD62120, CDF62120DWL, CDG62320DX, CDG62320GX, CDM62320DX, CDM62321DWL, CDM82010S, CE51010, CE51010S, CE51020X, CE51110, CE51113, CE51120X, CE51210, CE51220X, CE52010S, CE52010SS, CE52020, CE52021, CE61010S, CE61110SX, CE61112X, CE61117X, CE61210, CE61220SX, CE61220X, CE62110, CE62112, CE62117X, CE62210S, CE62214, CE62216, CE62220, CE622220S, CG41002, CG41008D, CG41008G, CG41009, CG41011G, CG41110G, CG41111G, CG42012G, CG42111GS, CG51000, CG51000D, CG51000G, CG51000S, CG51001, CG51001S, CG51002G, CG51003G, CG51006G, CG51007G, CG51010, CG51010BR, CG51010D, CG51010G, CG51010GS, CG51010S, CG51010SBR, CG51011S, CG51103G, CG51110D, CG51110DX, CG51110G, CG51110GX, CG51111D, CG51111G, CG52010G, CG52011G, CG52011GS, CG61000, CG61000D, CG61000G, CG61003G, CG61007, CG61010, CG61010BR, CG61010D, CG61010G, CG61010S, CG61010SBR, CG61011D, CG61011G, CG61011S, CG61011SBR, CG61110DX, CG61110G, CG61110GS, CG61110GX, CG61111D, CG61111DS, CG61111G, CG61113D, CG61113DS, CG61113G, CG61113GS, CG62010G, CG62010GS, CG62013G, CG62110G, CM51010, CM51010S, CM51010SS, CM51210, CM51210S, CM51220, CM61010, CM61010S, CM61011S, CM61120, CM61120S, CM61120SS, CM61210, CM61210S, CM61210SS, CM61220, CM61220S, CM61220SS, CM62112, CM62120, CM62120S, CM62120SS, CM62215, CM64220C, CS41011, CS41011S, CS41012, CS41013, CS41014, CS41015, CS51000, CS51000S, CS51001, CS51010, CS51010S, CS51011S, CS51110, CS51110S, CS52010, CS52010S, CS52010SBR, CS52010SS, CS52013ARNA, CS52112, CS61010, CS61010S, CS61100, CS61110, CS61110S, CS62010, CS62010S, CS62010SBR, CS62010SS, CS62013ARNA, CS62113, CS62113S, CS81010, CSE52010DW, CSE52120GX, CSE54010DW, CSE61120DX, CSE62120DW, CSE62120DWL, CSE62121DW, CSE62121DWL, CSE62121DX, CSE63111DX, CSE63120DSL, CSE64010DW, CSE64320DW, CSECSE64320DS-BAL, CSF62020DSL, CSF62020DWL, CSF63020DSL, CSG42111GW, CSG52001DW, CSG53110GX, CSG54010GS, CSG54010GW, CSG61110DS, CSG61110DW, CSG61120DX, CSG61126FDX, CSG62000DWL, CSG62000DXL, CSG62110DW, CSG62110GX, CSG62111DX, CSG63011GB, CSG63011GS, CSG63011GW, CSG64010GX, CSG81120DW, CSM61320DW, CSM61320DX, CSM61321DW, CSM61321DX, CSM62121DWL, CSM62320DW, CSM63320DW, CSM63320DX, CSM64320GW, CSM81320DX, CSS42011DW, CSS54010DW, CSS62111DS, CSS62111DX, CSS63010DWL, CSS64010DBR, CSS64010DS, CSS64010DW, D6623T, D6643TS, D6644T, DDHDCG32220FX, DG581LWP, DG582LWP, FE5520S, G5604GMX, G6604GMX, GE12120DX, GE12121DX, GE15120DX, GG12111GX, GG12113GX, GG12114DA, GG12114DX, GG151100GX, GG15110GW, GG15111GX, GG15112GB, GG15112GW, GG15112GX, GG15113GW, GG15113GX, GG15114DX, GG15114GB, GG15114GBR, GG15114GS, GG15114GW, GG15114GX, GG15115DW, GG15115DX, GG15115GW, GG15115GX, GG15116CW, GG15116CX, GG15120DXPR, GG15120SW, GG15120SX, GG15121DAPR, GG15121DXPR, GG15122DXPR, GG15125DX, GG15125DXPR, GG15125FX, GG15126DXPR, GM15120DXPR, GM15321DX, GM15326DXPR, GS60NG, GWH60NG, HDMS32220FX, HIG64100B, HIG64100W, HIG64100X, HIG64110B, HIG64110W, HIG64110X, HIG64120, HIG64120B, HIG64120CR, HIG64120SW, HIG64120SX, HIG64120WR, HIG64120X, HIG64220, HIG64220-1SX, HIG64220-1X, HIG64220B, HIG64220SW, HIG64220SX, HIG64220SX-NB-F, HIG64220W, HIG64220X, HIG64221SX, HIG64221T, HIG64221X, HIG64222SX, HIG75220SX, HIG75221B, HIG75221SX, HIG75221X, HIG75222SX, HIG75224SAV, HIGR64220X, HIM64110SW, HIM64120SX, HIM64120X, HIM64220, HIM64220B, HIM64220SW, HIM64220SX, HIM64220W, HIM64220X, HIS64120, HIS64120SW, HIS64121, HIS64121S, HIS64123S, HIS64220S, HIS64220SW, HIS64220SX, HIS64223S, HIS74221S, HIS75220S, HIS75220SX, HISG64120, HISG64120S, HISG64120SW, HISG64122S, HISG64220S, HISG64220SX, HISG64221S, HISG64235S, HISGR64121S, HISM64120S, HISM64222S, HISW64122S, HISW64220S, HISW64225, HISW75220S, HISW75235S, HIW64120S, HIW64220S, HIZG64120SX, HIZG64120SXL, HIZG64120X, HJA5100, HTG64110W, HTM64110W, HTSG64120SW, HTZG64124SX, KCD61111S, KCD61111SX, KCDM62110DB, KCDM62110DX, M6604MMX, O501NW, O505NX, O701NB, O701NW, O705NX, OSE24130B, QSF240SB, SG562LWP, SG572LWP


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