Automatic Changeover Switch Gas Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes
Automatic Changeover Switch Gas Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes
Automatic Changeover Switch Gas Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes
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Automatic Changeover Switch Gas Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes

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Changeover Switch Gas Regulator Bulkhead 30mBar for Motorhomes

Changeover switch with regulator for use with red vapour tanks, alu bottles 

It is two stage regulator for better pressure stability, mandatory for mobile units. Second stage ensures that gas is evenly evaporated and no liquid gas is let into the system. 

The connectors on inlet side are M20 1.5 parallel thread, also know as W20 - it is caravanning standard.

The outlet is 8mm copper pipe compression fitting.

Outlet pressure is 30mBar which is suitable for most appliances designed for motorhomes.

It comes with a bracket to secure regulator to bulkhead. Inlet should be positioned upwards and higher than outlet of the bottle


The automatic changeover ensures continuous gas flow, automatically changing the gas withdrawal from the empty “service” cylinder to the full “reserve” one. The full-empty indicator incorporated into the bonnet of the automatic changeover indicates the exhaustion status of the “service” cylinder. The indicator color changes from green to red, when the “service” cylinder is exhausted. The rotation of the automatic changeover handle to the full “reserve” cylinder restores the green color on the indicator.

Start up - Turn two cylinders’ gas valves on at the same time. This is fundamental, which ensures the automatic changeover the ability to continuously supply the gas appliance, in case the service cylinder becomes empty. The automatic changeover cannot turn to the reserve gas bottle if its valve is closed.

Reading the automatic changeover’s indicator: when the service gas bottle is full - When the two gas cylinders are full, the automatic changeover’s indicator turns to green while opening gas valves A and B. - The arrow on the automatic changeover’s knob indicates which one of the two gas cylinders is supplying gas: that is to say the “service gas bottle”. The other cylinder is the “reserve gas bottle”.

Reading the automatic changeover’s indicator: when the service gas bottle is empty - When the service bottle is getting exhausted and reaches pressure values of inversion (lower than 10 PSIG), the automatic changeover turns automatically to the “reserve gas bottle” and the gas appliance continues working. In this case the automatic changeover’s indicator turns to red: the end user gets to know that the “service gas bottle” is empty: it is not supplying gas any more.



For use with caravans, motorhomes or freshwater boats 

For liquefied petroleum gas LPG 

Operating instructions to be kept by the user 

Read carefully before using 


- Input pressure (p): 0,7-16 bar 

- Outlet pressure (pd): 30 mbar 

- Guaranteed output (Mg): 1,5 kg/h 

- Inlet connection: G.13 - G.14 - G.18 - G.23 of EN16129 

- Outlet connection. H.7 - H.9 - H.11 - H.19 of EN16129 

- Type of gas: LPG 

- Note: the marking AP5 marked on the label is the value of maximum downstream admissible pressure loss downstream and shall not be exceeded. 


- This regulating device is not suitable for seawater boats 

- For possible usage in caravan holiday homes national regulation shall be respected. 


The regulator Type 924N has been specifically designed for supplying gas to the gas installation in a caravan or a motorhome or a freshwater boat in compliance with the prescriptions of the EN 16129 Standard, Annex D. 

- Make sure the regulator inlet (3) and outlet (2) are compatible with the cylinder and the appliance being used. 

- The gas cylinder must always be kept in a vertical position. Do not move the cylinder during the operation. When the device is used outdoors, it shall be positioned or protected against direct penetration by any tracking water. 

- TYPE 924N operating temperature range is -201+50°C for LPG. 

- Never look for gas leaks with a live flame. Use instead a solution of water and soap. 

- In the event of any faults being found, close the gas supply and immediately contact your gas supplier.

- Avoid that the hole on the cover (VENT) is obstructed or stopped. 

- For a permanent use outside the house, install the regulator in a position protected from the weather, paying great attention to the position of the vent hole. 

- TYPE 924N versions featuring a relief valve (the marking "PRV' is visible on the label) are generally not type-approved for use in dosed premises (see local laws on the subject). 


An over-pressure relief valve is a safety device which vents gas to the atmosphere when the gas pressure reaches a set pressure. It doses when the pressure is reduced to below the set pressure. This valve is dosed during normal operation. 


Until the time of installation, the product must be stored in a dean, dry location protected from weather, atmospheric agents and direct sunlight. It must not be knocked or dented in anyway. Before installation, inspect the product for damage and dirt. Damaged products must not be installed. 

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester