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Privacy Policy

You should know what information about you we collect and how we use it. This issue is very important to us, so we have set out full details in this policy. Please take the time to read this policy in full and understand it. You have complete control over your personal data processed by us and you have a genuine choice to accept or decline our requests to process your data.
We will only process your personal data with your consent, which we will confirm is freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. You may withdraw your consent at any time where our right to process your personal data is based only on your consent.
Who we are LPG JETS Limited is a company incorporated in Northern Ireland (registration number NI674558) and having its registered office at 280 Hillhead Road, Castledawson, Magherafelt, BT45 8EF Our website
sells gas related products, services and materials available thereon
(together, the "Website") is owned and operated by the Company.
We are a 'data controller' of the information you provide to us. We control the way information is used and processed. We will never wilfully disclose your personal data to any third parties without your prior consent.
We have selected the Information Commissioner's Office as our Lead Authority.
What information we collect and when we only collect information that we will genuinely use for the purposes set out in this Policy.
Specifically, we collect: All information you choose to submit to us through different mediums. You can choose to submit information to us through a lot of different ways: By entering your details
Through forms, for example in signing up to an offers, news or a competition;
By sending us emails and text messages (SMS or MMS);
By speaking to us in our offices or over the telephone, for example in making an enquiry about a purchase or order for supply you have made, or a complaint; or
By registering accounts on any of our websites. Full details of the purchases you make; Information on what you view, click on and access in and through our marketing emails and text messages (SMS or MMS), websites and mobile apps;
Technical information about the devices you use to access our websites and our apps; Your social media content where this is in the public domain, and any messages you send to us via social media;
Information from banking, credit card and credit reference agencies;
Profile information and insight from companies who already have information on you;
Information collected independently by online advertising networks.
How we use your information We use the information we collect for many reasons, here are just some reasons below:
To supply you with gas products;
To provide you with our websites;
To gather feedback from you; and
To communicate with you about operational changes to our products, services and websites Who we share your information with
We cannot run our business or provide many of the services and benefits you expect to receive without involving other people and businesses, and sometimes we pass your information to these other people and businesses as set out below. We only share your information where we can do so in accordance with our legal data protection and privacy obligations.
We share the information we collect with:
all of our group companies, brands and business units that have relationships with our customers; other people and businesses who help us provide our products, websites, and related services to you
and any new business partners we may have;
Our professional advisors, our insurers and insurance brokers, banks, finance companies credit reference agencies, central and local government departments;
customer insight companies;
possible Rewards companies;
the Police, local authorities, and the courts; and
other people who make a subject access request or "SAR" to us, where we are allowed to do so by law (see "Managing Your Information” below for what we mean by a "subject access request”).
Social media, blogs, reviews, and similar services
Any social media posts or comments you make to us will be shared under the terms of the relevant social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) on which they are made and could be made public by that platform. These platforms are controlled by other people, not us, so we are not responsible for this sharing. You should review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the
social media platforms you use to ensure you understand how they will use your information, what information relating to you they will place in the public domain and how you can stop them from doing so if you are unhappy about it.
Any blog, review or other posts or comments you make about us, our products and services on any of our blog, review or user community services will be shared with all other members of that service and the public at large.
You should ensure any comments you make on these services, and on social media in general are fit to be read by the public, and in particular are not offensive, insulting or defamatory. You are responsible for ensuring that any comments you make comply with any relevant policy on acceptable use of those services.
Security of your information Much of the information we receive is provided in paper form or electronically, originating with your relevant device and then transmitted to us by your relevant telecoms network provider. Where it is
within our control, we put measures in place to ensure this data is reasonably secure. Once your information is received by us, we take its security very seriously.
We use appropriate procedures and technical security measures (including strict encryption, anonymisation and archiving techniques) to safeguard your information across all our computer
systems, networks, websites, mobile apps, offices and stores as much as possible.
In particular, we follow the Payment Card Industry's Data Security standards (otherwise known as
We also use secure means to communicate with you where appropriate, such as ''https'' and other security and encryption protocols.
International transfer of your information
Although we are a business based in Northern Ireland, we need to use suppliers who are of an international standing on occasion to help ensure you receive the very best in products and services from us.
To allow us to run our business on this basis, the information we collect may be transferred to,
stored and used at premises in countries around the world, outside of the EEA. Our transfer of information to other countries could result in that information being available to the government and other authorities in those countries under their laws.
The Company will never transfer data abroad without strict adherence to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and EU law to ensure your personal data enjoys the same safeguards elsewhere as it would at home.
How long we keep your information for
In accordance with our legal data protection, marketing and privacy obligations, we will only retain your information for as long as we actually need it to achieve the purpose(s) for which we obtained
it in the first place.
We will then either securely delete it or anonymise it so that it cannot be linked back to you.
Managing your information
You can contact us to discuss your information at any point in time using the details provided below.
It is very important to us that all the information we hold about you remains accurate and up-to-date at all times to reduce the chances of us having a misunderstanding. We try hard to make sure this is the case at all times regardless of what information we hold about you.
We need your help in doing so though. If you have any account with us, please ensure that the information you provide to us through that account (e.g. any contact information you provide) remains accurate and up-to-date. Please review and update it regularly.
You have a number of rights which we respect and aim to uphold in all that we do. These rights
Correcting inaccurate information.
Stopping our marketing. We provide the means for you to stop all email and text (SMS or MMS) communications you receive from us – please see the 'unsubscribe' link and 'STOP' details we include in each email and text respectively. You can also contact us at any time using the details
below and let us know what you would like us to change.
Asking us about your information. You have the right to ask us whether we hold information about you and if so, for us to give you certain details about that information and/or the information itself.
Certain exemptions and conditions apply to this right. It should be made in writing or by email to LPG JETS Limited, 280 Hillhead Road, Castledawson, Magherafelt, BT45 8EF or via our contact form and you are required to give us reasonable details about the information you seek. We may also charge a fee where appropriate.
Reviewing our use of automatic computer processing. You can ask us to have one of our staff review a decision about you which has been taken automatically by computer.
Asking us to restrict the processing of your information in certain circumstances.
We reserve the right not to comply with any requests we receive where we may lawfully do so, if we reasonably believe a request to be malicious, technically very onerous, to involve disproportionate effort or harmful to the rights of others.
If you have any complaints about our use of your information, please contact us. We will do our very best to resolve any complaint to your satisfaction. If you feel we do not meet the high standards we expect of ourselves, you may have a right to complain to the UK Information Commission ("ICO") at
Updates to this Privacy Policy
We review our use of your information regularly. In doing so, we may change what we collect, how we keep it and what we will do with it.
As a result, we will need to change this policy from time to time to keep it accurate and up to date.
If we change this policy, we will endeavour to tell you about it. That way you can check to see if you are happy with our policy, before proceeding any further. Please look out for notices from us.
If, following any changes, you continue to use our websites and mobile apps, contact us by telephone or otherwise provide information to us (for example through our stores or social media) we will take it that you agree to those changes.
Contact us
If you want any further information about our use of your information, our websites or mobile apps or have any other privacy questions relating to us, we'd be happy to help you.
Please contact us or call 028 79469521 or write to us at:
LPG JETS Limited, 280 Hillhead Road, Castledawson, Magherafelt, BT45 8EF